James Willock

› software engineer & manager

As a passionate software engineer and manager, I have spent many years building products, leading teams and teaching. My background in education lends itself to coaching and mentorship, and I care deeply about building healthy, functional software teams.



Integration Engineer, Stripe

— present · London, UK

Owning and driving relationships with technical stakeholders across many of the largest brands in the world, whilst overseeing the deployment of billions of dollars of revenue.

Engineering Manager, General Assembly

· York, UK (Remote)

Overseeing a team of software engineers delivering a market-leading learning platform, whilst eliminating technical debt and increasing the team's productivity.

Technical Lead, General Assembly

· London, UK & New York, USA (Remote)

Delivered several headline products, including the first fully asynchronous educational product. Responsible for critical business systems, including payment processing and student feedback.

Instructor, General Assembly

· London, UK

Delivered formal web development syllabus to over 200 students part and full-time.

Software Engineer, Ubuntu

· London, UK

Developed experiences under Ubuntu and Canonical brands, delivering a cohesive user interface framework for use internally.

Software Engineer, Erskine Design

· Nottingham, UK

Delivered successful e-commerce and social media projects including Edelman and WSL.


BA (Hons) Design, 1st class, University of Lincoln

· Hull, UK